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How Our Drivemode Community Influences Our App

We here at Drivemode spend a lot of time listening to our community in an effort to bring you the very best driving experience we can create. Drivemode's Head of Product Jeff Standard can be found all over our online channels- from within the Google Play reviews, to our Google+ Community, to Drivemode screenshots, or even if you email us directly. 

Jeff works with the design team and engineers to ensure user concerns are incorporated into product development. Jeff says—

I love working in the community. People tell us that Drivemode actually improves their lives and seeing someone get excited about using Drivemode is the highlight of my day.  I always channel the community energy back into the company and the development process.

The user feedback we get at Drivemode is always being categorized and considered within the context of the product roadmap. During development, Jeff translates user comments and incorporates them into the app, solving problems and evolving the Drivemode vision. Jeff looks to the community to provide perspectives on features that the team may not have considered. Jeff explains that one feature heavily influenced by user feedback was messaging.

When we first released our messaging feature, Drivemode gave users the opportunity to hear their messages and reply using voice commands. Interface buttons were hidden and not immediately visible on the screen. We learned quickly that people wanted clear, simple button controls so we added them as soon as we could.

If a user is really passionate about a potential feature, Jeff recommends heading over to our Google+ Communityand sharing it there. He advises,

Post a Feature Suggestion with as much information or as many details as you can think of. Respond to other Feature Suggestions and questions to see how other people are thinking about the App. If a suggestion gets a lot of traction, conversation, +1s or other feedback, we'll certainly take a very close look at it.

So come join us on our Google+ page and share your feedback and ideas! We'd love to hear them. You may even see your suggested feature in an upcoming update!