You Dont Need A Connected Car For Many Connected Car Features

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You Don't Need A Connected Car For Many Connected Car Features

In a recent survey conducted by Solace, owners of connected cars were asked about their attitudes about technology being developed for self-driving cars. Overall, the study found that, "while consumers and, more specifically, connected car drivers, are open to incorporating new technology into their driving experience, they are not ready to hand over the wheel. Drivers today prefer technology that has an 'influence' rather than a direct impact on their driving." While attitudes toward autonomous vehicles were the focus of the study, it also covered specific behavior in the car, with regards to applications and mobile devices. As a company focused on integrating safer technology into the driving experience, we at Drivemode were particularly interested in exactly what techn these connected car drivers used and valued. Drivers are not only neutrally using apps while driving but also "depend on" them while in the car. While just under 15% of drivers said they don't use any applications while driving, just over 15% said they depend on a surprising 3 or more apps. More than half of drivers are using 1 or 2 apps, while the rest don't know how many, presumably because it's just a natural part of their driving experience. Real-time navigation was the connected feature that was named most valuable by 25.7% of drivers. Safety monitors like lane departure alert were 20.9% and hands-free texting came in at 9.6%.  Over 20% of people surveyed said that none of these were valuable to them; from this we may be able to infer that drivers are using other apps on their devices, outside of those provided by their connected car. Similarly, car-specific safety alerts are those most relied upon by drivers, followed by navigation, safety recalls, and incoming mobile device activity. Ultimately, over 60% of connected car drivers surveyed rely on navigation and mobile device alerts, both of which are available features within Drivemode's driving-optimized interface. While car-specific performance alerts aren't available through Drivemode at this time, we are always working to build a safer, more useful driving app which may come to include model-specific performance features in the future. Ultimately, however, drivers looking for a connected car experience but who don't have a newer vehicle to support all of the tech can use Drivemode for many of the same features. And for those apps that drivers are using but that aren't available through their connected car interface- Drivemode may be able to help with those too. With dozens of integrations, we can support more than just email or text message alerts; we can help you with navigation, music, productivity and more, no matter what kind of car you drive. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave