Survey Shows How Work Related Distractions Impact Drivers

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Survey Shows How Work-Related Distractions Impact Drivers

Has your boss ever contacted you while they knew you were on the road, either on your way to work or on your way home? Harris Poll on behalf of Travelers recently conducted a survey among 1,146 employed US drivers (18+), to determine the impact of work-related distractions on driving. Among many notable trends, the survey revealed that 27% of employees have received a call or text from their boss, even though they specifically knew the employee was driving.

In an "always available" work culture perpetuated by team communication apps, messaging, and email, the ability to disconnect from work, even while driving, is diminishing. Coworkers and management alike expect immediate responses, feedback, and contributions from team members and the limitations of driving may not even be considered in relation to those expectations.

Via Travelers “Driving and Its Work-Related Distractions”

According to the survey, there are several different motivations for engaging in work-related communications while driving.  38% of employees feel the need to always be available, 37% don't want to miss something important, 17% are afraid of upsetting their boss if they don't answer, and 15% are not able to mentally disconnect from work.

While some might expect Millennial drivers to be leading the trend, Gen Xers are right up there with them. No generation is immune, however, with one out of every three Boomers also communicating with work while driving.

Via Travelers “Driving and Its Work-Related Distractions”

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