Survey Shows Even Rarely Distracted Drivers Are Still Texting

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Survey Shows Even 'Rarely Distracted' Drivers Are Still Texting

In a new study from Esurance, over 1000 drivers in the U.S. were surveyed regarding their perceptions of driver safety as compared to their actual behavior. An overwhelming trend in responses was that while most drivers recognize and acknowledge that texting, eating, or "browsing apps" is distracting, many are still doing these things while on the road. According to the survey, 91% of drivers believe that texting while driving is distracting and 53% admit to doing it anyway! Even the subset of drivers who describe themselves as "rarely distracted" are still texting at a rate of 1 out of every 10. While these activities are understood to be distracting, there is still a disparity in how that applies to the driver themselves. Stephanie Braun, director, connected car at Esurance said, "Despite the fact that fatalities related to distracted driving are on the rise, this survey tells us that drivers are willing to take the risk and continue to give into the lure of using technology while driving." The "lure" of technology while driving certainly isn't going away, and in fact, is becoming more integrated into the in-car experience with infotainment systems and other connected car features. This is why we at Drivemode continue to provide safer driving solutions, designed and developed to adhere to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety guidelines for driving apps. As this survey shows with regards to texting and driving, you're going to do it anyway. So let's help you do it safely.
Feature Photo Credit: Esurance