Beyond A New Years Resolution Safer Driving in 2018

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Beyond A New Year's Resolution: Safer Driving in 2018

As the first week of 2018 comes to a close, have you been sticking to your New Year's resolutions? Did you snatch a little bite of something you should have avoided or put another purchase on the credit card? Well, we here at Drivemode won't be judging if you've been a little more loose with those resolutions than you might have hoped.

But, we are here to help you make and keep a resolution that we hope takes you through the year and beyond: driving more safely.

We understand that there are a lot of things over which you have no control while you're on the road: other drivers can be terrible (both in skill or attitude), roads may be under construction or poorly maintained, and traffic, traffic, traffic. While driving behavior may seem banal compared to traditional resolutions like saving money or losing weight, modifying your habits in the car can have a positive impact on your lifestyle.

If you're a commuter, studies show that time spent in your car can be extremely stressful. If you have a boss who isn't shy about contacting you while you're on the road, surveys also show that distractions will be compounded. Use Drivemode, set up your preferences for your commute, and you'll be less stressed going into the workday and when you get home. And with our safety features like a simplified interface designed specifically for driving, you can drive safer and still be connected.

Knowing your route means more than just what roads to take, it also means knowing where unexpected delays are occurring. Check your route out in advance to schedule extra time if needed and stay in the know with your favorite navigation app.

Get driving tunes in order with your favorite music player and you won't have to switch between music and directions; our transparent overlay lets you see navigation and music at the same time.

Set up autoreply, do not disturb mode, or talk-to-text for any important incoming messages you might get across your favorite messaging apps.

Be prepared to share your location with someone who might need it. Knowing where you are will help set arrival expectations for everyone.

Check out Drivemode in action in the video below. Tech reviewer Sam Beckman included Drivemode in his recent round-up of Top Android Apps for 2018. He provides a demonstration of Drivemode in use, highlighting some of our convenient features including driving auto-detection, accurate voice controls, and our helpful overlay for using a music player with a navigation app (he uses Spotify with Google Maps). He noted our "clean interface," and recommends, "...if you're looking to transform your car into a smart car then this app is definitely worth checking out."


If you want more ideas to improve your drive and make it safer, check out our gift list for commuters which includes several products for safer driving. And, if you'd like share your ideas for Drivemode features, visit our  Google+ page and give us your feedback. Here's to safer driving in 2018!

Featured Image Source: Sam Beckman video still