7 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Commuter

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7 Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Commuter

As we've seen earlier this year, commuting can be very stressful (especially if you live in LA, Miami, Austin, Phoenix, or San Francisco). Because we at Drivemode are always working to upgrade your drive, we decided our holiday gift list this year should focus on commuters. These road warriors are driving back and forth to work, sometimes for hours at a time, so we'd like to help make that commute a little better. Here are 7 gift ideas that will show your favorite commuter you are thinking about them, even when they are on the road.

Mobile Device Vent Mount

If someone you know is still fumbling with their phone while they are driving, do them and their passengers a favor and get them a vent mount to hold the phone. Universal options are available which widen to the size of the device and don't require magnets. Not only is it safer but depending on where you are, this gift might actually be helping them to follow the law.

Drop Stop

This amazing invention is one of the most successful products to come out of the entrepreneur show Shark Tank. Asking the cheeky question of "What's in YOUR crack?" Drop Stop is a neoprene gap blocker that fills the space between your car seat and the center console, preventing change, food, and other stuff from disappearing into what they call the "Carmuda Triangle."

Foldable Shovel

This time of year, a snowstorm could easily hit while someone you care about is still at work. Coming out of the office, only to find a white mountain on top of the car is a huge bummer. While the unprepared might be able to brush off the snow using their sleeves, digging your wheels out without a tool is a lot more difficult. A portable foldable shovel is a nifty little gadget to keep in the trunk for emergencies. Great for digging cars out of snow, it is also great for camping.

First Aid Kit

It might feel a little parental, but a good old fashioned first aid kit for someone to keep exclusively in their car is a helpful and thoughtful gift that shows you care. Add some nice handwritten notes, stuck between bandaids and Tylenol and your recipient will think of you when they reach for relief.

HotHands Hand Warmers

These magical pouches of warmth are awesome stocking stuffers for those whose cars take a while to heat up or who have a long walk from inside to the car. Not only do HotHands keep your hands or feet or whatever warm for up to ten hours at a time, they are also neat little science experiments. Apparently, these produce heat when iron is exposed to the air and starts to oxidize, sped up by salt. Carbon circulates the heat and vermiculite helps the heat from escaping too fast. Thrifty users can even pack them in sealable bags to stop the air exposure and use them for days!

Portable Jump Starter

In the winter months, with darkness falling earlier and the desire to get inside faster, it can be easy to accidentally leave the lights on in your car. Instead of worrying about that loved one who has a habit of leaving the lights on, get them a portable jump starter. These little power-packers have improved a lot over the years and are now very safe and easy to use without the fear of a wrong move causing some sparks. Many are multifunctional and can charge your mobile devices and be recharged themselves through the car's 12V auxiliary power outlet.

Playstore Gift Cards

For a long commute, music or audio books will make the drive worth looking forward to instead of dreading. With so many ways to spend money in the Playstore, a dedicated "commute" gift card will ensure your recipient adds something nice to their commute. Of course, while in the Playstore, we also recommend downloading Drivemode for a better, safer driving experience even after the gift card is spent.


We warmly wish everyone a lovely holiday season filled with friends, family, and fun. Thank you for being part of our Drivemode community!